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Beneath the Camouflage | Family Drama Short Film

Beneath the Camouflage | Family Drama Short Film

Joseph takes his son Aaron hunting, hoping for a shot at fixing their relationship and saying goodbye to his own father.


Written and Directed by Joshua Bowen

Starring Steve Aaron and Vincent Amiel

Produced by Julia Safrin


Director of Photography: Pierce Thomas

Production Designer: Imani Leila Kanzki


Editor: Kendall Outing

Sound Designer: Joshua Bowen

Music by Philip Temple and Justine de Saint Mars

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*Official Selection* - The Beverly Hills Film Festival, 2024
*Nominee* - Florida Film Gem Award - Treasure Coast International Film Festival, 2023

*Official Selection* - South Georgia Film Festival, 2024

*Official Selection* - SBVC International Student Film Festival, 2024

*Official Selection* - Treasure Coast International Film Festival, 2023

After my grandfather passed away, I didn't know how to express my grief. He left a large mark on my life, living a selfless lifestyle, and I admire him as a role model.

As a result, I decided to learn more about his past. The more I learned about him, the sooner I realized it was time I start to focus on my character. Will anyone look up to me in the future?

This story was created to represent how learning about the past can bring us into a better future. I used my personal story, concerning my grandfather, as an avenue to discuss themes of grief, regret, hope, and love. Hopefully, this story touches you in a way that resembles my grandfather's impact in my life.

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