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Covet | Sci-Fi/Mystery Short Film

Covet | Sci-Fi/Mystery Short Film

Three teenagers wake up to a prophetic riddle, revealing an ominous box tempting each of their desires.


Written and Directed by Joshua Bowen

Starring Ronald Spoto, Melanie Gaige, and Brendan Morris


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*Nominee* - Best Cinematography - Chhatrapati Shivaji Film Festival, 2022

*Nominee* - Best High School Short Film - SBVC International Student Film Festival, 2022

*Official Selection* - Chhatrapati Shivaji Film Festival, 2022

*Official Selection* - SBVC International Student Film Festival, 2022

*Official Selection* - Bonita Springs International Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Goa Short Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - South Georgia Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, 2020

Up to this point, I had never completed a sci-fi or allegorical piece, so I wanted to combine all my resources to create one! With exception to "Payback," this will be the first dark film I have done since "Imitation," two years prior.


Originally, I begun creating a script about three kids solving a murder. Little by little, they each discovered a clue to the puzzle that only made them more suspicious towards one another.


However, as I started approaching the end I realized this story has been done in so many fashions prior, on much larger scales. Why copy another film when you can take it and make something of your own? The dead body in the middle transformed into a box and all the kids in the room were clueless as the guy next to them.


Watch and see how three teenagers escape from the room, the box, and one another.

Behind The Scenes

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