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A mustached man becomes overly frustrated when he is denied the ability to payback his neighbor.


Directed by Joshua Bowen

Written by Lukas Brausch

Starring Jason Thompson and Joshua Bowen


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*Nominee* - Best Director / Best Screenplay / Best Actor / Best Editing - SBVC International Student Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Miami Underground Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Corti a Ponte Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - SBVC International Student Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Goa Short Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - South Georgia Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Fresh International Film Festival, 2020

*Official Selection* - Silver Screen International Film Festival, 2019

*Official Selection* - Key West Film Festival, 2019

*Official Selection* - All American High School Film Festival, 2019

*Official Selection* - Gasparilla International Film Festival, 2019


This is the first short that I did not write. For the longest time I wanted to make a time travel piece. After many drafts, it seemed hard to fit my story within the physical limitations at the time.

However, one day, I heard a hilarious script in class. Lukas Brausch, one of my high school classmates, had written this story about a man getting revenge on his neighbor for cleaning his car. I loved it! Him and I talked and he was open to me directing his story.

Aside from the silliness, I personally connect with this story because I believe kindness isn't always met with kindness. I would love if it were and I think it should be... but life isn't fair. You have to keep pushing and doing your best towards other, despite how you are "rewarded."


In this film, you get to see a silly depiction of how kindness could be repaid.

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