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A mustached man becomes overly frustrated when he is denied the ability to payback his neighbor.


Directed by Joshua Bowen

Written by Lukas Brausch

Starring Jason Thompson and Joshua Bowen


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*Nominee* - Best Director / Best Screenplay / Best Actor / Best Editing - SBVC International Student Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Miami Underground Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Corti a Ponte Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - SBVC International Student Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Goa Short Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - South Georgia Film Festival, 2021

*Official Selection* - Fresh International Film Festival, 2020

*Official Selection* - Silver Screen International Film Festival, 2019

*Official Selection* - Key West Film Festival, 2019

*Official Selection* - All American High School Film Festival, 2019

*Official Selection* - Gasparilla International Film Festival, 2019


"Payback" is my first "off" film, in the sense that I didn't make it to please the general audience. There is a very specific humor.


Originally, this round of films I wanted to create a time travel piece, but after my 5th revised script was denied, I decided to refer back towards scripts already made. Thinking back, there was a script I asked permission to make a while back. It was supposed to be made over the summer but things got busy as usual. Now that I had time, it was the perfect opportunity.


This short is the first Joshua Bowen film I was not credited as screenwriter. While I wanted to keep the "Written and Directed by Joshua Bowen" legacy, I saw there's nothing wrong with just having a great story told on screen. That's what film is about, telling a great story, whether it's mine or Lukas Brausch's (the screenwriter for Payback.)

Behind The Scenes

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