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Retribution | Dark Drama Short Film

Retribution | Dark Drama Short Film

A recently dumped Alastor gets humiliated by a party girl, and meets with a hooded figure to plot his vengeance.

Written and Directed by Joshua Bowen

Starring Scott Mock and Gwendolyn Gay

Find on IMDb:

*Nominee* - Best Student Short Film - Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival - 2022

*Nominee* - Best Horror - The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival, 2022

*Official Selection* - Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival, 2022

*Official Selection* - Cobb International Film Festival, 2022

*Official Selection* - The Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival, 2022

*Official Selection* - SBVC International Student Film Festival, 2022

Numerous restrictions. A big agenda.

How do you attempt creating a film that tells a meaningful story and challenges your creative limits, while additional limits stop you from every angle?

Joining Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts, I have met 29 amazing filmmakers and a great staff, all striving to build off each other. Entering first semester, we were assigned a live-action short with many restrictions. 

Among our limitations, every film had around 4 minutes, only 2 key actors, 1 physical location, and 12 hours to film. But, there is a reason. All these components influenced our stories.

Creative blocks force artists to strategically maneuver, and that's what we did. Writing "Retribution" surfaced from one thought I had: "Can good people escape from doing bad things?" Everyone relates to struggling with morality, and I enjoyed the concept of materializing the voices for temptation, anger, and concern.


My hope for the audience includes a thoughtful discussion on why people do bad things and how we can work to prevent these thoughts! You can judge whether I successfully accomplished the question in the beginning, but I am proud of what my team and I were able to accomplish.

Behind The Scenes

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